Club Policies

Club Policies

Policies (Payment, Refund, Tournament, Uniform)

Payment Policy

  1. Player must be a member affiliated with USA Field Hockey and declare BCFHC – Southern Tier Storm as your affiliate. “Club Jumping” is not tolerated unless a player has permission from the club Head Coach.  To become a member of USA Field Hockey and declare BCFHC – Southern Tier Storm as your club go to
  2. Club Fees:
    • Consist of Session Fees and Tournament Fees.
    • Session Fees are calculated to cover facility rentals, insurance and equipment expenses.
    • Tournament Fees are calculated to cover team registrations and coaches travel expenses.
  3. Session Fees:
    • $200.00 per player for each three-month session.
      • Session I (November – January)
      • Session II (February – April)
    • $100.00 per second player of the same family if participating in the same session.
    • Session Fees are due at registration.  Can be paid by check, cash or through website registration.
  4. Tournament Fees: Are based on the cost of the tournament or event
    • $175.00 for National Tournaments/Showcases per player.
    • $80.00 for Non-National Tournaments/Showcases per player.
    • Cost may be lower or higher depending on tournament expenses.
    • Players are expected to cover their own travel expenses.
    • Tournament Fees are to be paid when announced.  Failure to pay for a tournament the player will be dropped.

  Refund Policy

  • Sessions Fees are non-refundable except under extreme circumstances.
  • Tournament Fees for National/Showcases are non-refundable once the team has been registered.
  • Tournament Fees for Non-National/Showcases are refundable only if you give a two week notice that you need to drop from tournament.

   Tournament Play Policy

  • 7v7 Tournament Rosters are kept at a maximum of 10 field players and 1 goalie.
  • 11v11 Tournament Rosters are kept at a maximum of 15 field players and 2 goalies.
  • Once rosters are filled a waiting list is generated.
  • National Tournaments are invitational only and may require extra team practices on weeknights.
  • Practice for National Tournaments/Showcases are MANDATORY the month prior to that tournament. Any extra practices in preparation for National Tournaments/Showcases will be at turf cost paid per session.
  • Practice for non-National Tournaments/Showcases are  MANDATORY (except extenuating circumstances) for the two practice sessions prior to that tournament.
  • Parents & Spectators are expected to uphold all aspects of good sportsmanship, as they are representing our club! If there are repeated issues there will be a verbal warning by the coach. If the unsportsman like conduct continues repercussions will follow.

    Club Uniforms Policy

  • Purchasing a uniform is optional unless a player is participating in tournaments then uniform purchase is MANDATORY.
  • Payment for uniforms is required at time of order.